Rooftop Equipment Lift Sets New Record for Stewart Perry

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The last few weeks have been special here in Knoxville. Last week, a 550-ton capacity crane was moved onsite for a special lift of the rooftop units at the southern retail center. This process involved over 12 truck loads of crane parts that we assembled onsite. This was followed by 5 more loads of equipment including a generator, refrigeration equipment and HVAC units that were placed on the roof of the adjacent building.

The use of this large crane was required as the back of the mall is inaccessible for heavy equipment. The crane include over 200 feet of boom to reach the rear of the building.

Progress in other areas of the project included the following:

Shops A:

  • Steel erection complete
  • Underground MEP work ongoing

Shops B:

  • Interior framing of upper level shops
  • Brick work on upper level
  • Overhead MEP ongoing
  • Lower floor slab poured
  • Lower level overhead MEP
  • Lower level framing
  • Roofing ongoing

Shops C:

  • Slab on grade poured
  • Framing of walls ongoing
  • Overhead MEP ongoing
  • Roofing ongoing

Shops D:

  • Footing complete
  • Steel erection ongoing

Shops E:

  • Steel erection complete
  • Topping slab poured

Northern Retail Center:

  • Final painting ongoing
  • Novar controls – termination in progress
  • Atrium cart lift install started
  • EFIS – ongoing at atrium
  • Brick complete at atrium
  • Cart curbs poured in atrium
  • Subway – In-wall inspections complete
  • Office areas – above ceiling inspections complete
  • Bathroom tile work to start next week

Southern retail Center

  • Atrium second level floor poured
  • Second level patio poured
  • Overhead MEP ongoing
  • Interior wall framing ongoing

Site work:

  • Cable TV/date system conduit install
  • Site lighting conduit started
  • Utility tie to shops ongoing

Rooftop Units Lifted Into Place

Knoxville Collage 12-13-13

Due to the unique design of our project here in Knoxville and the limited access about the building structures, special equipment was required for the placement of the roof top equipment. Calculations by the design engineers confirmed that the elevated precast loading dock would not safely bear the extreme point loads required for placement of the roof top units. With these limitations, the HVAC units required a 250-ton capacity crane to set their unit. The refrigeration equipment required a 350-ton capacity crane. This was not due to any special weight of the units, but the reach required to set them in place.

Inside the northern retail center, upfit contractors began:

  • Framing of the internal stud walls.
  • Moving forward with ductwork installation.
  • Installation of the sprinkler system.
  • In-wall rough-in of utilities.

On the southern retail center block, crews are busy erecting the external walls of that structure. At the ramp to the rear of the building, all sidewalks have been poured and crews started forming for the cast-in-place barrier walls. Under the retail building, utility crews moved forward with underground piping.