Spread Footing and Pier Caps–Hot Items

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On the Northern Retail Center’s lower elevation, 19 of 22 pier caps have been completed. At the upper elevation, 15 of 37 are complete.

Unsuitable soil removal and backfill for the J Line lower retaining wall was completed this week. Rebar and forming for the footing nears completion and concrete pours will be complete by mid-week.

Upper J line footing excavation also encountered unsuitable soils. Per the recommendation of the geotechnical engineer, these soils were removed and replaced with compacted stone for footing stability.

After record rains over the weekend, spring’s warm and dry weather this week is a plus.


New Operations Begin at University Commons Site

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With 155 drilled piers poured and only 39 remaining on the north end of the project, the next phase of operations in that area begin.

A special engineered support system called Geopiers was installed for retaining wall # 1 this week. These piers are constructed by applying direct vertical ramming energy to densely compact successive thin lifts of crushed rock.

While on the upper level of the building pad, crews excavated around the drilled and poured concrete piers  for future pier caps. These pier caps will support columns and shear walls for the parking deck and second  level retail centers.