Permanent Power Energized at Northern Retail Center

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After the snow, ice and frigid weather of the past weeks, it has been nice to see days in the 50s and 60s with blue skies. This has allowed progress in the following areas:

Northern Retail Shops 

  • Permanent power activated
  • Paint of ceiling complete as well as walls in offices, pharmacy and guest service areas
  • Ceiling grid installed in all areas
  • Lighting and ductwork trim-out in ceiling grid
  • Bathrooms complete and ready for tile
  • Exterior EFIS near completion
  • Build-out of food service area released and ongoing
  • Piping of walk-in cooler and freezer complete
  • Remaining parapet and gutter installation ongoing
  • Atrium brick work ongoing
  • Atrium wall framing complete – MEP wall rough-in started
  • Atrium roofing to start early next week
  • Electrical trim out at painted walls 

Southern Retail Center

  • Atrium steel erection nears completion for this phase
  • 5 of the total 6 topping slabs have been completed – wet curing ongoing
  • Overhead MEP rough-in was ongoing before topping slab began
  • Under-slab electrical ongoing and coordinated with floor pours
  • In-slab plumbing ongoing and coordinated with floor pours
  • Block fill/painting of exterior block ongoing an point-up
  • Brick work near completion on main building – cleaning of brick ongoing
  • Transformer pads poured
  • Roof cap sheet system installed

 Shops A

  •  Structural steel erection ongoing 

Shops B

  • Underground MEP complete
  • Fine grading of sub-grade complete
  • Placement of stone complete
  • Installation of vapor intrusion system complete
  • Slab on grade forming ongoing

 Shops B-1 

  • Slab pour complete
  • Build-out framing ongoing
  • Overhead MEP and sprinkler piping ongoing
  • RTU Curbs and MEP roof penetration installed
  • Roofing to start next week

 Shops C

  • Underground MEP complete
  • Fine grading of sub-grade complete
  • Placement of stone complete
  • Installation of vapor intrusion system complete
  • Forming for slab-on-grade pour to start early next week

 Shops D

  • Building pad complete
  • Footing work to start on Monday

Weather Still An Obstacle, But We Are Determined

Knoxville Collage 1

Knoxville, like the rest of the Southeast, was hit with yet another snow storm. This storm brought as much as 5 inches of snow to the area. This storm impacted work at UT Commons. We are starting to see warmer weather so our hopes are up that Mother Nature will play nice in the coming weeks. Updates on progress follow:

Northern Retail Center:

  • Brick work at atrium ongoing
  • Framing/sheathing of rear atrium tall wall complete
  • Internal atrium upper and lower rooms and elevator shaft walls ongoing
  • Interior sheetrock finish work near completion; wall sanding to begin next week
  • Painting of ceiling ongoing
  • EFIS work ongoing

Southern Retail Center:

  • Phase one of roofing operation complete
  • Overhead MEP rough-in ongoing
  • Plumbing drain installation ongoing
  • Layout and forming for topping slab started
  • Generator pad forming ongoing
  • Secondary conduit from transformer complete
  • Conduits for generator feeds complete
  • RTU and mechanical curbs on roof
  • Block work at loading dock complete
  • Steel erection at loading dock ongoing
  • Steel erection for atrium ongoing
  • Brick work ongoing

Shops  A:

  • Footings complete
  • Steel erection to start this weekend

Shops B:

  • Upper level slab pour complete
  • Street level underground MEP complete
  • Sheathing of exterior upper walls ongoing
  • Fine grading for lower level slab to start on Monday
  • RTU curb installation ongoing

Shops C:

  • Framing and sheath of parapet wall near completion
  • Underground MEP rough-in ongoing

Shops D:

  • Final grading of pad to start next week
  • Footing to follow

Shops E:

  • Steel erection ongoing

Parking Deck:

  • Fine grading of last light duty paving slab complete – Pour scheduled for Monday of next week
  • Last Transformer Pad pour
  • Parking deck lighting ongoing

Abnormally Cold Weather Has Been A Challenge

Knoxville Collage 1Knoxville Collage 2

With temperatures falling as low as O degrees, and wind chills ever lower, weather has been an obstacle for all concerned the last few weeks. Even so, progress has been made in the following areas:

 Northern Retail Center:

  • Insulation and sheetrock is near completion on the exterior walls
  • Internal wall framing near 95% complete – awaiting wall-in coolers and freezer
  • In-wall MEP rough-in at 90 % Complete
  • Sheetrock work inside of front, rear and bathroom areas to start next week (exterior walls at 98% complete)
  • Installation of permanent light fixtures on sales floor – 60 % complete
  • Sprinkler system at main building – 89% complete
  • Exterior ramps – forming for concrete pours next week
  • EFIS ongoing but delayed by weather
  • Brickwork ongoing – delayed by weather
  • Atrium framing and sheathing – ongoing – should complete next week
  • Ground level atrium floors poured

 Southern Retail Center

  • Steel erection and decking of main building – 98%
  • Coring drilling for plumbing and electric build-out ongoing
  • Atrium foundation installation – ongoing
  • Block work – near completion at main building
  • Brick work – ongoing – delayed by weather

Shops B and B1

  • Steel erection – near completion
  • Stud framing – ongoing

Shops C

  • Steel erection ongoing
  • Underground MEP to start next week

Shops A

  • Foundation work started this week

Parking Deck and Ramp

  • Forming of final pedestrian wall ongoing


A Burst of Activity at UC Commons – Knoxville

UT Commons Collage 1-10-14Knoxville Collage 1-10-14 2

With the holidays and the arctic blast that brought snow and temperatures near O degrees is behind us, the pace of work has picked up.

On the northern retail center:

  • Framing and roof deck of the high atrium progressed.
  • Brick masons are making progress, revealing part of the finished façade.
  • EFIS crews have start at the rear of the building.
  • Concrete crews are forming ramps at doorways.
  • Interior wall framing moves forward.
  • In-wall MEP rough-ins are ongoing.
  • Overhead MEP rough-ins are nearing completion

Lower retail shops:

  • At the 2 level retail (shops B), steel erection crews are busy installing metal decking on both the roof and the second floor.
  • Steel is arriving for shops C and E.

Southern retail center:

  • Steel erection has started inside the block outer walls.
  • Brick crews are setting up scaffold for the brick veneer.
  • Concrete crews are working at the rear of the building completing formwork for the concrete pour of the loading dock area.