Structural Steel Erection Brings Upper Level Retail to Life

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Steel crews are working seven days a week for the erection of the frame of the northern upper level Retail Center. All of the columns are standing and as much as 70% of the joist and girders have been set in place. On the southern end of the project over 240 pieces of precast concrete are standing. We are starting to see the outline of the ramp to the loading dock as well as the southern parking deck.

With the competition of all remaining drilled piers for the project, earthwork grading operations move forward and the site begins to take shape. Utility crews are busy with completing underground piping and spillways, while other crews hang storm water piping under the parking deck. Water main installation is ongoing. Fire sprinkler crews as well as underground electric work has also progressed.

Our team has completed two of the heavy duty topping slabs at the loading dock as well the last upper retaining wall. They now are concentrating their efforts for atrium foundations. This includes elevator, escalator, cartveyors and shopping cart lift pit construction.

New Operations Begin at University Commons Site

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With 155 drilled piers poured and only 39 remaining on the north end of the project, the next phase of operations in that area begin.

A special engineered support system called Geopiers was installed for retaining wall # 1 this week. These piers are constructed by applying direct vertical ramming energy to densely compact successive thin lifts of crushed rock.

While on the upper level of the building pad, crews excavated around the drilled and poured concrete piers  for future pier caps. These pier caps will support columns and shear walls for the parking deck and second  level retail centers.

University Commons – Foundations Run Deep in Knoxville

The third drill rig arrived on site this week. The Caissons we are drilling are from 42” to 54” in diameter, reinforced, end bearing, seated in bed rock. Production expected to reach 20 per week average. Archaeologist review continues on southeast end of site utilizing a combination of 4” diameter core drills and GPR equipment (ground penetrating radar) to ensure any historical artifacts are located prior to the foundation construction disturbing these areas.

Storm pipe, manholes and water quality testing stations are beginning to arrive on site.

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