Impact of Southerner Snow Storm Also Touches Knoxville

Knoxville Collage 2-7-14


The snowstorm that belted the southeast last week was also felt in Knoxville. Fortunately, the city was more prepared than most. Salt trucks were out early, so it was more of an inconvenience than a grid lock. People leaving our pre-construction meetings and returning to offices in the Atlanta area were trapped roadside (or in hotels, for the lucky ones) for as long as 24 hours. Onsite, the cold weather continues to be an impact to our pace but progress was made in the following area:

Northern Retail Center

  • Brickwork was completed on the north side of the building
  • Atrium framing and sheathing was completed, dampproofing applied and masons moved in to start brickwork
  • Interior walk-in coolers were erected
  • Cleaning and application of floor polish materials were applied when temperatures allowed
  • Sheetrock finishing moved forward
  • Fire sprinkler piping was complete and air tested due to temperatures
  • Permanent overhead light fixture installation nears completion
  • Secondary wires were pulled from switchgear to transformer. Our goal is to have permanent power by mid-February
  • Landings and ramps at doors poured

Retail Shops C

  •  Structural steel and roof decking complete
  •  Stud wall roof framing began
  •  Underground MEP to start next week

Retail Shops B

  • Structural steel and roof decking complete
  • Stud wall roof framing began
  • Underground MEP to start next week
  • Revised drawings in review

Shops E

  • Structural steel erection ongoing

Southern Retail Center

  • Structural steel and decking of main building completed
  • Overhead MEP started
  • Under-deck MEP started
  • Plumbing Floor drains coring moves forward – 85 complete
  • Revised drawing in review
  • Atrium elevator, escalator and cartveyors pits installed
  • Atrium footings installed


  • Site Fire and domestic water system installation nears completion

Site Concrete

  • Last retaining wall at ramp poured