Abnormally Cold Weather Has Been A Challenge

Knoxville Collage 1Knoxville Collage 2

With temperatures falling as low as O degrees, and wind chills ever lower, weather has been an obstacle for all concerned the last few weeks. Even so, progress has been made in the following areas:

 Northern Retail Center:

  • Insulation and sheetrock is near completion on the exterior walls
  • Internal wall framing near 95% complete – awaiting wall-in coolers and freezer
  • In-wall MEP rough-in at 90 % Complete
  • Sheetrock work inside of front, rear and bathroom areas to start next week (exterior walls at 98% complete)
  • Installation of permanent light fixtures on sales floor – 60 % complete
  • Sprinkler system at main building – 89% complete
  • Exterior ramps – forming for concrete pours next week
  • EFIS ongoing but delayed by weather
  • Brickwork ongoing – delayed by weather
  • Atrium framing and sheathing – ongoing – should complete next week
  • Ground level atrium floors poured

 Southern Retail Center

  • Steel erection and decking of main building – 98%
  • Coring drilling for plumbing and electric build-out ongoing
  • Atrium foundation installation – ongoing
  • Block work – near completion at main building
  • Brick work – ongoing – delayed by weather

Shops B and B1

  • Steel erection – near completion
  • Stud framing – ongoing

Shops C

  • Steel erection ongoing
  • Underground MEP to start next week

Shops A

  • Foundation work started this week

Parking Deck and Ramp

  • Forming of final pedestrian wall ongoing