Store Teams To Take Over Buildings Soon


Knoxville CollageNorthern Retail Center:

Shelves are in place but bare this week. Not for long…

  • Construction fixture crews completed their work last week working both night and day in preparation for the store stocking team scheduled to arrive on June 30th.
  • Final fire alarm systems, sprinkler systems and emergency lighting were all tested and approved by the Fire Marshall.
  • Elevators and escalators are in their final stage of testing and trim-out.
  • Correction of punch list items is well underway as crews worked through the weekend.
  • Parking deck has been cleaned and stripped awaiting team members.
  • Final touch-up cleaning near completion.


  • Mechanical, electrical and plumbing final inspections have been complete.
  • Phone lines are being installed for testing of fire alarm systems.
  • Sidewalk installation is near completion.
  • Landscaping irrigation systems are also being installed.
  • Fire sprinkler systems will be in final testing next week.

Southern Retail Center:

  • Escalators and Cartveyors were set in place this week.
  • Elevator installation moved forward as scheduled.
  • Store fixtures installation is ongoing.
  • Atrium storefront glass has been installed.
  • Entrance stairs are in place and concrete pours are ongoing.
  • Permanent lighting was energized.