Pier Cap Installation–New Critical Path Activity

Knoxville Collage 4-19-13With the completion of caissons on the northern retail center, crews are busy with pier cap installation in the area. These caps will be the foundations for the installation of the precast columns scheduled to arrive in about a month.

This operation begins with the excavation of the area around the drilled caisson. A “mud slab” is then poured to allow an all-weather working surface. Rebar crews then move into install the reinforcing steel for the pier cap.  Final forming is installed for the support of anchor bolts and precast dowels. With work completed, quality control inspectors check for size, count and location of imbeds. With approval, the concrete truck are released to pour.

Elsewhere on the project, grading for retaining wall footings move forward. On the southern retail center,  a partial release of this area has allowed caisson crews to proceed.