Crunch Time in Knoxville

Knoxville Collage 5-3-14

With turn-over scheduled in no less than 6 week for some buildings, activities are a blur both inside and outside at UT Commons.

Northern Retail Shops

  • Final polishing of concrete floors ongoing
  • Bathroom tile complete
  • Bathroom fixture and accessory installation ongoing
  • Refrigeration equipment set in place and vacuum testing of lines underway
  • Exterior brick work complete
  • Sidewalk installation ongoing
  • Escalators set in place and final electrical connections ongoing
  • Elevator equipment onsite – installation to begin Monday of next week
  • Shopping cart lift installation ongoing
  • Atrium storefront installation ongoing
  • Atrium painting ongoing
  • Subway construction near completion
  • Electrical trim out ongoing
  • Gas piping under final testing

Southern Retail Center

  • Atrium framing and sheathing complete
  • Terrazzo floor installation starts this week
  • Sales area ceiling grid complete
  • Sales area light fixture installation ongoing
  • Overhead MEP rough-in in the sales area complete
  • Wall paint in the sales area ongoing
  • Brick work ongoing at atrium
  • Elevator shaft construction ongoing
  • Wall tile installation ongoing
  • Transformer installation complete and “HOT”
  • Atrium roofing ongoing
  • Main roof complete

Shops A

  • Structural steel complete
  • Framing and sheathing complete
  • Brickwork ongoing
  • Slab pours complete
  • Overhead MEP ongoing
  • Roofing installation to start next week

Shops B

  • Upper and lower slabs complete
  • Interior framing complete – both levels
  • Sheetrock finish work ongoing upper level
  • Sheathing on lower level interior walls – ongoing
  • Overhead and in-wall MEP complete – both levels
  • Brickwork complete – except north end at common area upper slab
  • Storefront installation nearing completion

Shops C

  • All concrete slab work complete
  • Structural steel complete
  • Exterior sheathing and brick work complete
  • Placement of Stone complete
  • Installation of vapor intrusion system complete
  • Forming for slab on grade pour to start early next week
  • Storefront installation to begin next week

Shops D

  • Structural steel complete
  • Exterior framing and sheathing complete
  • Roofing complete except for trim metal
  • Overhead sprinkler system complete
  • Ready to start brick work
  • Designed as “cold dark shell” so very little finish work required on interior

Shops E

  • Structural steel complete
  • Framing and sheathing complete
  • EFIS ongoing
  • Sprinkler system complete
  • Roofing to start Monday
  • Designed as cold dark shell so very little finish work required on interior

Site work

  • Curb and gutter installation ongoing
  • Final utility tie-in to start next week