“Closing In” a Building

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With the metal roof decking near completion at the northern retail center and the exterior wall’s metal stud framing well underway, the building is closing in. Inspections were held today that released application of wall sheathing on the face of the building. Out front, foundations have been completed for shops C and excavation of shops B foundations is well underway. Foundations are complete at the northern atrium, and utility crews are busy with underground power conduits for the elevator and escalator/Cartveyor machine rooms.

At the rear elevated portion of the project, we have completed our third concrete pour over the precast and the fourth pour is scheduled for Monday morning before sunrise. In the parking deck level, roof drain piping installation is ongoing. Grease traps are also being installed for shops C and B.

On the southern end of the project, precast crews have erected more than 450 pieces, creating the parking deck and subfloor for the southern retail center as well as the elevated ramp system to the back loading docks.


Structural Steel Erection Brings Upper Level Retail to Life

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Steel crews are working seven days a week for the erection of the frame of the northern upper level Retail Center. All of the columns are standing and as much as 70% of the joist and girders have been set in place. On the southern end of the project over 240 pieces of precast concrete are standing. We are starting to see the outline of the ramp to the loading dock as well as the southern parking deck.

With the competition of all remaining drilled piers for the project, earthwork grading operations move forward and the site begins to take shape. Utility crews are busy with completing underground piping and spillways, while other crews hang storm water piping under the parking deck. Water main installation is ongoing. Fire sprinkler crews as well as underground electric work has also progressed.

Our team has completed two of the heavy duty topping slabs at the loading dock as well the last upper retaining wall. They now are concentrating their efforts for atrium foundations. This includes elevator, escalator, cartveyors and shopping cart lift pit construction.

Standing Structural Steel at the Northern Retail Center

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We worked through Labor Day, when eight truckloads of structural steel were on their way from Alabama for arrival at 7:00 am Tuesday. This marked a new phase of construction for our northern retail center.

With a multi-story building, our crew required a 100-ton capacity crane to hoist equipment to the second level to begin installation of the structural steel. Other developments around the site include:

  • Steel is inventoried and “shook out” to its location for future erection.
  • MEP crews were busy with overhead rough-in of utilities.
  • Fire sprinkler contractors were added to our onsite team.
  • Precast Crews continued hoisting the 50,000 pound and over loads of concrete into place at the southern end of the project.
  • Caisson crews near complete of their work with less than 10 units remaining.
  • Concrete Crews poured footings for the upper and last retaining wall.
  • Earthwork crews progressed with underground utilities and rough grading of the site.

Phase 2 of the Precast Structure Taking Shape

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With the precast structure on the northern retail center/parking deck complete, crews move to the lower elevation of the southern retail center. Loading docks and ramps for the area appear with each new section erected.

On the northern end of the project, our last topping slab of the elevated deck has been completed and approved to start steel erection next week. Our next elevated pour will be in the loading dock area. Down below in the northern parking deck, our last “light duty” slab on grade concrete paving pour has been completed. Concrete test have confirmed strength that has allowed the beginning of our overhead rough-in of utilities.

Caisson work on the southern lower area of the project is now complete and concrete crews follow with the last few remaining pier caps. Both drill rigs have now move to the upper portion of the parking deck area. Overall, blue skies and no rain have been a blessing.

*The first image you see above is from our live web cam, which you can visit at here.



Precast for Southern Retail Center Moves Forward

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With the completion of the precast on the Northern Retail Center, crews concentrate their efforts to the southern end of the project. Concrete crews are working in several areas and levels of the project. The last leveling slab pour was completed on the upper level of the Northern Retail Center. Our first loading dock pours scheduled for next week.

Down below at the Northern Parking Deck level, all light duty slab on grade work is complete except for the final pour schedule for early next week. Caisson installation at the southern end of the project has only two lower level piers left to pour. We have relocated one of the two drill rigs to the upper level of that work area. In total, only 21 of the 315 remain.

Utility work progressed with the installation of additional sewer main and lower level storm water piping. Electrical crews were also busy with underground primary and secondary power conduit installation.

Pouring Concrete Before Sunrise

Knoxville Collage 1Knoxville Collage 2Concrete pours at University Commons started before sunrise this week due to the hot weather conditions, afternoon showers and heavy traffic both onsite and on the roads to University of Tennessee. With this schedule, we have completed more than 100, 000 square feet of leveling slabs at the second level of the Northern Retail Center. As one pour is completed, crews are putting their finishing touches on rebar needed for the next pour.

Below at the parking level, preparations move forward for our first “slab on grade” concrete pour. We hope to pour  in this area each day next week. On the southern end of the project, we completed concrete pours on two critical retaining walls needed for backfill to achieve footing elevation for our last retaining wall system. Grading for future roadway and slab on grade work also progressed, as well as installation of site sanitary sewer system. Pier caps were also poured for future precast installation for the Southern Retail Center.

It seems that every direction you look activity abounds.


Precast for Northern Retail Center More Than 90% Complete

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With close to 680 pieces of precast concrete standing at the northern retail center and parking deck, we are very close to completion of precast in that area. Final pieces will be set into place at the beginning of next week, and final welding and detailing will be completed.

With the completion of one activity another begins. Concrete crews placed reinforcing steel and completed formwork. With approved inspections released, the first of seven leveling slabs will be poured on the elevated deck. Our goal is to pour every other day until these slabs are complete. These slabs are scheduled to be completed and curried by the end of August, which will allow structural steel erection to began.

On the south end of the project, footings were formed and poured for two other retaining walls. Forming crews followed and our goal is to pour these wall early next week. Utility crews were busy installing the large storm drain piping system that will carry rainwater from the roof if the large retail centers. Grading crews were busy placing the fill required for the southern retail center slabs on grade, while caisson crews moved forward with drilled piers that will support the elevated portions of that building.

600 Pieces of Precast Standing

Installation of the precast structure moved forward on both ends of the project this week. With over 580 pieces standing in the northern parking deck and retail center, the loading dock area has started to take shape. Delivery trucks will reach the back of the building through a ramp system, elevated turn around and loading docks. On the southern end of the project “early” precast units are installed due to fill for the upper level retaining wall and slab on grade parking area.

Concrete crews have start to lift reinforcing steel to the second level and install edge forms for future concrete leveling slabs. These leveling slabs are needed due to the camber (curve) in the pre-stressed/precast double T construction. Crews also are installing temporary protective handrail system to protect workers on this second level work area.

Down below utility crews are busy with under slab storm, water, sewer, fire water and electrical piping installation.

On the southern end of the project, caissons crews moved forward with drill piers. Concrete crews formed and poured sections of Retaining Wall # 2. Luck has been on our side this week, as we have had little or no weather impact unlike the heavy rains and thunderstorms of the past weeks.

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Precast Installation Ongoing in Two Areas of the Project

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On the northern end of the project,  the parking deck and retail center has more than 475 pieces of precast stood to date. This places us at 69% complete for that location. At the southern end, early installation of precast started this week. This first section of erection was required for structural fill that will be placed adjacent to these units. Fill is required for the upper level of retaining wall that will separate the elevated parking deck and slab on grade construction.

Earthwork progressed in several areas, with storm water piping installation in the Building D,  installation of storm water piping from the water quality units and building pad grading and stone placement. Concrete work moved forward with the pouring of the footings for retaining wall # 2. Forming crews are currently working on wall forms for their next pour. Work was also completed with pier caps on the southern end of the project.

As sections of the building are released by the precast erectors, utility crews were quick to start underground piping. We were also able to show photos from the second level/precast deck of the project.

Momentum Building All Around

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With close to 300 pieces of precast standing, Areas 1 and 2 of precast for the Northern Retail Center and parking deck have been completed. That places us at approximately 44% complete for that area of the structure.

As the precast crews work in the rear of the building, subgrade adjustments were completed. Placement of base aggregate moves forward for “slab on grade” parking level concrete pours. Our first concrete pour to tie elevation slabs to ground level slab was completed.

On the south end of the project, the third retaining wall is complete. Backfill operations that were needed to start Retaining wall # 2 foundations are in place as well. Caisson crews are moving forward with the foundations of the Southern Retail Center and parking deck area. On the North End of the project, backfill of the first retaining wall and the Building D pad advanced.