University Commons – Foundations Run Deep in Knoxville

The third drill rig arrived on site this week. The Caissons we are drilling are from 42” to 54” in diameter, reinforced, end bearing, seated in bed rock. Production expected to reach 20 per week average. Archaeologist review continues on southeast end of site utilizing a combination of 4” diameter core drills and GPR equipment (ground penetrating radar) to ensure any historical artifacts are located prior to the foundation construction disturbing these areas.

Storm pipe, manholes and water quality testing stations are beginning to arrive on site.

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Mobilizing the Site

This week has largely been about site set up. We have established the field office area and a construction entrance with tire wash and wash out pit. A caisson rebar cage stockpile and erosion control filter system are in place, and large drill rig for anchor retail foundations is onsite. Construction progress includes drilling the first pier and pouring concrete there.

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